September 23, 2019

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About Us was created by, a division of And Justice For All. It is part of a network of websites using descriptive domain names and containing useful information about the law for consumers and businesses. All of the legal articles and blogs on this site and throughout our network of sites are written or edited by attorneys for the purpose of helping people.

Tax law is a confusing area of law for consumers and businesses alike. It is constantly changing, and it is complex. Small mistakes today can become very costly later down the road. An experienced tax attorney can help you avoid mistakes and protect your future. If you are facing collections or other actions by the IRS, a tax attorney can help you resolve the problem with the best possible outcome.

And Justice For All donates 10% of all of its profits from its network of websites to charitable causes benefiting humans, animals, and the environment.

To connect with an experienced tax attorney in your area, please search our network of experienced tax law firms today.